A Desire to Study Sacred Islamic Knowledge

A Desire to Study Sacred Islamic Knowledge


I heard Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam on the opening ceremony of the book ‘Al Hidaya’ and since then my heart in inclined towards him. I want to be his student.

My current situation is that I am doing ACCA in London and I have holidays for about a month and half. I want to come to Leicester but that would only be possible if I get an accountancy related job there which I can do during the day and study with the Shaykh during the evening.

I am from Pakistani origin and I am here on a student visa. If there is any thing that can benefit my path toward knowledge in my current situation please advise me. Looking forward to your reply


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,

Firstly, I thank you for your good opinion (husn al-dhann) of this sinful and ignorant servant of Allah, and for your confidence and trust in me. Jazak Allahu Khayran. I ask Allah Most High to elevate me to a level that befits your expectations and more Insha Allah, Ameen. I request you also to make Dua for me.

Secondly, dear brother, I am merely a student of sacred Islamic knowledge and not worthy of being taken as a teacher. I commend you for your desire and wish to study sacred knowledge, but you should definitely look elsewhere for someone who is qualified and far more suitable than me. You state that you live in London; hence, I don’t think there is a need for you to travel all the way to Leicester in pursuit of sacred knowledge. Although travelling in search of knowledge is highly recommended, there are extremely capable and qualified individuals residing in London at the feet of whom you can study. Please email me outlining your precise location, and I will, Insha Allah, be able to provide you with names of Scholars and pious servants of Allah from whom you may take the knowledge of Islamic sciences.

Thirdly, unfortunately due to numerous other commitments, I am not in a position to take out time for a month or so in order to teach you. Through the blessings of Allah Most High, despite being unworthy, I have been given the task by my elders and teachers to teach students on a daily basis in a local institute (madrasa) here in Leicester. I have teaching commitments daily from around 8 am till 4 pm. Thereafter, in the evening from 6 pm onwards till quite late (at times), I deal with questions and queries forwarded to me via email, post, phone calls and personal meetings at Darul Iftaa Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence. The weekends are mostly spent in delivering lectures and courses in other parts of the country.

The local institute where I teach does not cater for students wishing to study on a short term basis. One is required to enrol and make a full-time commitment of six years in order to be accepted. There is indeed a dire need for scholars and Ulama to free up some of their valuable time in order to cater for students like yourself. There is an urgent need to open institutes or Dar al- Ulooms that cater for individuals who may have other commitments such as university, work, etc, but at the same time would like to study sacred knowledge on a part-time basis. I have come across many young brothers and sisters who have a deep desire to study sacred and Islamic knowledge, but most of the Dar al-Ulooms cater only for students who make a full-time commitment by enrolling in their institute and studying daily for a period of around six years.

I pray and ask Allah Almighty to bless you and me with religious knowledge so that you benefit yourself and others. May Allah Most High give you success in all your endeavours and aspirations and make you a shining light in this Umma, Ameen.


[Mufti] Muhammad ibn Adam
Darul Iftaa
Leicester , UK

Question #: 5358
Published: 28/06/2006

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